YHWH Mezuzah


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Important Messages to my customers:
Please take note of a few important items of business

1. Each order is customized, so once you have received a confirmation email from BrewMezu your order can not be changed or canceled. All the materials and brands are done upon receipt of the order. ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL! NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES!

2. Remember that all orders are hand crafted, so brands come out slightly differently each time. Each piece of wood is Unique as well. The woods color, grain, and markings, edges etc… will not be exactly as product photos look. These are just examples. We are working with raw materials, the Most High’s creations and their imperfections and perfections are what make our Mezuzah’s unique.

3. We suggest not opening the wooden dowel we have used to seal the Mezuzah, as a layer of weather protectant is sprayed on them, which also acts as a sealant. We have inserted the first 10 commandments as a symbol of our obedience to The Most High and his Commandments. Here is an example. Size is not relevant. We print to fit the opening.

Wood Type

Eastern Red Cedar: 5” x .75” x .75”, Olive Wood: 3.5” x1.50 x .50”, Olive Wood: 5” x .75” x .75


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